Top Four Mini- Green
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Technology: The TOP FOUR integrates energy-saving LED technology at an impressively high intensity, boasting the equivalent light output as an Edison 60 watt lamp. The TOP FOUR features four .5-watt lights in a distinctive pattern. Offering 50,000 hours of illumination, the LEDs are equipped with optical lenses that help to spread the light to a wider area maximizing its output while remaining.  Though lightweight toys inspired its shape, TOP FOUR’s sturdy metal construction insures reliable performance and structural integrity for years.

Design: Conceived by award winning Italian designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, the TOP FOUR’s sleek minimalist lines and contemporary features belie its origin in high design.  The Italian duo have seen to every detail, creating a striking contrast between the rigid, right angles and generous curves of the circular lights and their housing.  TOP FOUR ‘s study in complementary features produces a spirited sense of delight and continues to draw the eye no matter the setting. 

Personality: The TOP FOUR’s fun, blocky shape was inspired by the contours of one the world’s most recognizable and iconic toys: Lego blocks.  This immediately recognizable shape instantly and unconsciously gives the seriously efficient TOP FOUR a playful feel one cannot help but reach out and touch.  The TOP FOUR brings its vibrant personality to life in a bright green.

On/off switch located on the lamp.
Includes 4 x .5watt LEDs; warm white

3.27"L X 2.6"W X 4.6"H



Top Four Mini- Green

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